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KrogerFeedback Bonus Fuel Points and How to Earn Them

Are you looking for an easy technique to save some money on gas or get it cheaper as compared to regular prices? If you shop from Kroger retail stores on regular basis you can save hundreds of dollars on your fuel expenses. Kroger is one of the largest retail chains in the United States with more than 3000 stores running in 35 different states.

How to Earn KrogerFeedback Bonus Fuel points?

The Kroger feedback program allows customers to get a chance to earn KrogerFeedback Bonus Fuel points whenever they make purchases at the stores.

·         Shopping at Kroger

$1.00 spent on groceries = 1 fuel point

·         Federally funded Prescriptions

$1.00 spent out-of-pocket = 1 fuel point

·         Shopping at Fred Meyer Jewellers or online at Fred Meyer Jewellers

$1.00 spent on jewellery = 1 fuel point

·         Buying gift cards

$1.00 in gift cards = 2 fuel points

·         Taking a Satisfaction Receipt Survey (located on the bottom of the receipt)

Once every 7 days = 50 fuel points

·         Non-federally funded Prescriptions

1 prescription = 50 fuel points

·         Visit The Little Clinic (what you pay out-of-pocket)

Paid visit = 50 fuel points

Where Can You Redeem Your Fuel Points?

·         Kroger Fuel Center

·         Turkey Hill

·         Shell

If you live outside of the states where KrogerFeedbackBonus Fuel points don’t available, worry not. There is a wide list of Kroger's affiliates chain stores such as Harris Teeter, The Little Clinic, Mariano's, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Roundy's, Ruler Foods, Home Chef, King Soopers, Smith's, and Vitacost. You can earn fuel points from these stores as well.

How To Earn Fuel Points By Purchasing Gift Cards?

You must have seen gift card racks in Kroger stores. These cards are from Staples, Macy's, Applebee's, Amazon, Starbucks, and so on but customers often ignore them. According to Kroger’s policy, every customer can earn 1 “fuel point” for each dollar spent. This reward program is beneficial for customers to save money on fuel.  Typically 1 fuel point is awarded on each dollar spent on groceries while 2 fuel points are awarded on buying gift cards. In other circumstances and during special promotion offers, Kroger also awards 4 fuel points on gift card purchases. 

How to Redeem Fuel Points?

Kroger feedback fuel points can be easily redeemed for saving money from Kroger gas stations, and shell stations that are located in particular states. 

Kroger Feedback 50 Bonus Fuel Points

·         The KrogerFeedback Bonus Fuel points are offered to customers living in the United States except (Florida, New York, and Rhode Island states)

·         The Kroger feedback bonus fuel point program is managed by Promotion Mechanics.

·         The first place price reward is a $100 Kroger gift card.

·         The winning customer will be informed through the mail, phone, and email.

·         The company reserves the right to change or cancel the program anytime without prior notice.

How to Earn Kroger Plus Card?

·         If you want to earn Kroger plus card, visit your nearby Kroger store and ask for a free plus card.

·         Using the Kroger plus card, you can shop for grocery items including those products which are on discounts.

·         Buy gift cards that offer you fuel point rewards.

·         Pay for the purchase at the counter and show your plus card to get some discounts and earn fuel points.

·         Redeem your earned fuel points at any Kroger gas station by showing the plus card.

The Need for Participating In the Kroger Feedback Program

As shown in recent studies, customer satisfaction is the key to success. No company can prosper without taking its customer's needs into consideration. Providing your customers with the best products doesn’t merely serve the purpose. You have to do a lot more than simply offering the goods in bulk.

 Customers are concerned about the services they get at the stores while shopping.  Kroger is the leading supermarket grocery chain in the nation; there are thousands of customers who visit the stores on daily basis. The Kroger customer feedback is a program that is initiated to inquire about customers' opinions and complaints regarding their overall experience at the stores. In return, the customers who participate in the survey program can get rewards in terms of KrogerFeedback Bonus Fuel points, gift cards, free fuel bonus points, and much more.


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